At New England Tree Works, tree care is our sole business, and we’re experts when it comes to keeping them beautiful, healthy, and safe. From tree removal and tree pruning to stump grinding and selective lot clearing, we provide a wide range of services to meet your needs, all carried out by experienced, talented crewmen who know what they’re doing and will respect you and your property.


Tree removal

Dead, dying, or diseased trees can pose a hazard to your family, property, and landscape. We can remove such trees from your yard safely, quickly, and efficiently, taking the utmost care around your property and utilities and removing any debris once the job is done. Not only will your property look better, but its value most likely increase, as well!

Stump grinding

Stump grinding is the final step in the tree removal process, and is necessary in order to ensure that there’s no regrowth. The process also helps to keep the stump from becoming a trip hazard or damaging lawn mowers. We’ll grind the stump well below ground level so that you can easily replant over the area.

Tree pruning/maintenance

Pruning is the most common tree maintenance procedure, and provides a number of benefits, including reduced risk of falling limbs, improved tree health, and a better view. We’ll keep your trees properly pruned and maintained so that they’ll add beauty and value to your landscape for years to come.

Storm damage cleanup

We get our fair share of bad weather here in New England, with downed limbs or toppled trees often occurring as a result. We’ll help you clean up after storms by safely removing limbs or trees that have fallen on your property.

Selective lot clearing

If you’ve got a piece of land that needs clearing, we can help. Our selective lot clearing service can help you maintain your property’s natural beauty while allowing you to still build on it or use it as desired.

No matter which of our services you need, we are committed to providing 100% customer satisfaction on all of our jobs, no matter how big or small. Our #1 goal is to keep your trees safe, healthy, and attractive, while making you happy in the process.

Need more information or have a question? Contact us today – we’d love to work with you!